solar.general My Deepest Appologies

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 03:10:18PM -0800, Zed A. Shaw wrote:

Rafael Bonifaz is a friend of mine and we host
They have many vservers with us.

He was with me before in jabber also worried because himself was getting thousands of mails (without knowing the problem)

Now i´m in their vserver taking a look.

Anyway i´ll inform them about this to correct

thanks very much


> Dear solar.general,
> I am truly sorry for the *gigantic* amount of spam you all probably just > received. Sadly, it was out of my control as it was a misconfigured > server at that caused the loop.
> Here’s the description of what happened:
> 1) Earlier this morning the account started > resending everything it received.
> 2) I didn’t notice this since my main email address isn’t subscribed > usually.
> 3) After shutting down the server and checking the Lamson source, and > logging from the mail server I noticed several accounts that were in a > permenent loop.
> 4) I disabled these accounts, but emails were still looping back to the > list.
> 5) I finally noticed that all of the messages were actually coming back > to from in the return path, but they > were crafted such that they were the exact same email that was sent out, > only with a few spam headers.
> 6) Once I disabled from librelist the looping stopped. >
> So, it was this *horribly* misconfigured spam server at > which was spewing back and the exact same message it received to the > mailing list, thus pretending to be the original sender.
> I’ll be contacting the original author and the postmaster of this > server, but if you know them personally please tell them to shut down > this spam system.
> And again, I am very sorry this happened.
> —
> Zed A. Shaw



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